Current Version 2.0
Initial Release 14. September 2021
Last Updated 19. October 2021
File Size 88.02 MB
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This file has been scanned for viruses and is safe to download.

NOTE: Updated to new GPS Textures. If you haven't already discovered the lighting brightness in all Digital guages must now be manually set to your liking.

This is a Livery file only for the ASOBO Husky A1C, and does not contain the aircraft which you will need to purchase from the Market Place.

This is a Replica Livery of Aviat's Vector Paint Scheme, and while I've tried to get as close as I can to match it, there may be some differences . It does not have a Registration Number on it, nor active. If you know how to change the color numbers in the Panel.cfg file, then you should be able to add them if you so desire. 

This is a full variant Pack which means the Livery is available on all four variants Floats, Tundra (Large Wheels), Small Wheels, and Ski's.

I have customized the Interior as well, so it is black with a special tectured instrument panel and "Polished" Frame. I've cleaned up the outside textures as best I can, and in line with that I have increased the Textures to 4K, so if your frame rates may vary, depending on your computors capabilities. As there is no paint kit and only a reduced model to design with, the textures on the right side are dificult at best to line up, even in 3D software as there is a lot of distortion around the door panels. Hopefully, what I am happy with, will be acceptable to you as well... If you should find something you just can't live with, fire off a message to me and I will see if I can fix it. Enjoy 

Please Note: the Thumbnail Pictures Show the Alaska Bush Wheels, and those files were graciously provided by ANNOV. There is a glich or Bug within FS that is causing them to flicker, and to some folks that is very anoying, so I have replaced those files with the stock ones. If you are familiar with how to manipulate files, you can download his "BIG WHEELS HORNET" Livery and copy the neccessary files over from that set.

If you get really close to some areas of the outside of the aircraft, especially the Rudder, you may find some Odd Color Rivits, and until I can figure out how to change them, they will remain that way, sorry!


Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 2.0 October 19, 2021

    Updated to work with Update 6 new GPS Textures.

  • Launched September 14, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!