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American Airlines was one of the most important customer and development partner of Douglas and pushed for the production of the DC-6, getting the first production airplane operating a total of 51 units.

American Airlines suffered some accidents due to a design flaw of the early DC-6 and grounded them in 1947 as a consequence, but kept using with great succes after the issues were solved and therefore pushed for the development of the DC-7 with longer range after that.

Here depicted is the N90738 "Flagship Dayton". I will probably do some more of the different flagships and can try to do some specific by request.

If you have a Market Place DC-6 download the PMDG Operations Center (

Open the PMDG Operations Center that comes with your PMDG DC-6, Select "Aircraft and Liveries" from the top menu then click "Install from PTP file" and select the .PTP file you downloaded.

This way you make sure that the livery will keep working if PMDG or Microsoft updates their structure.

Hope you have fun with this livery!



2021/08/16 - Added 710 Flagship Mexico / 712 Flagship Texas / 726 Flagship Memphis / 750 Flagship Florida / 751 Flagship California

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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