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Initial Release 03. September 2020
Last Updated 05. December 2021
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Repaint of 9V-SCC using real world photos and data for the Default 787-10 in the Premium Upgrades. This particular aircraft uses Singapore Airlines' current livery (Large titles).


 I've taken about 5 days to fully complete it and an extra 2 or so days to beta test. The textures are 4k and include as much detail as I could put in. The livery is based fully on data/references on the real-world airplane, nothing was conceptualized including official colours, accurate Kris dimensions on the tail (I had to trace it and it was a complete pain) and accurate title placement to the closest window. The wing registrations and nose gear door registrations will be reflected because of the nature of the paint kit, there’s currently no way to implement those so I chose to leave it blank; alternatively you can set the ATC reg to 9V-SCC but then you'll have two rear fuse registrations. There will be parts of the livery that have very, very small unevenness (not straight for lack of a better word), I’ve tried my best to mitigate it but due to the base paint, it’s extremely difficult but, it's likely you may not even notice.



# Installation

Drag and drop “B78X SIA Livery” into your community folder

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 6.2 December 05, 2021

    Stability Fixes

  • Version 6.1 December 05, 2021

  • Version 6 December 04, 2021

    Fixed missing textures, registration fixes

  • Version 5 September 05, 2021

    Compatibility Updates
    Reworked cheatlines using 3D method
    Other minor fixes