Current Version 2.1
Initial Release 12. October 2020
Last Updated 12. January 2021
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Yeah, there are lots of TBM liveries to choose from. Many of them are excellent and some are accurate to reality - well, as accurate as the modelling currently allows you.

But here at Smeary liveries we don't worry about that - our X Series range of colours brings a tastefully classic colour scheme together with modern resiliant carbon that will keep the eyes turned and the screenshots sweet.

They aren't as glamorous or fabulous as the Harlequin livery - I suspect these are more suitable for the serious flight sim enthusiast...

As ever with the packs: please unzip the main container file and extract the individual colour folders - then drag these into your community folder.


v1.2 - edit... shout to ODEEZ who asked about the YellowX stripe.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 2.1 January 12, 2021

    1. Added the Burnt Orange colours
    2. Copyright Statement
    3. Colour of tail number for CreamX

  • Version 2.0 October 31, 2020

    Now v1.10.7.0 compliant

  • Version 1.3 October 25, 2020

    A few changes to the cfg file to make it sit better in the livery list and also, thanks to Fungaming44, now updated without any airline information in the cfg files. Sorry about that.

  • Version 1.2 October 14, 2020

    Updated the YellowX stripe to copper for better stripeness. Also improved naming conventions (anyone re-uploading may wish to remove the originals as these are now in line with mega-pack requirements)