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Fellow simmers,

Here is my Livery of the PMDG 737 for MSFS2020.

The PMDG line of products use their custom utility called The PMDG Operations Center (OC2).

To maintain your entire PMDG fleet of aircraft (The DC-6 as well you own it), also provides you with a very easy way to install/uninstall/update your liveries.  Please follow the detailed instructions below to install this paint.  It may look like a lot of steps, but I made sure every step was covered from download to install.  

NOTE: I will not offer this as a “Drag and Drop” livery as this method, while operational, does not ensure everything is created properly in the complex MSFS folder structure.  When painters use the OC to package their paint, the installer takes care of all the items needed (json updates, aircraft .cfg edits, etc) automatically.
Also…should updates to the aircraft become available, the OC ensures all items are updated properly.

Here are the instructions:

1.       Extract the PTP file from the downloaded zip file.

2.       Place it anywhere your PC (typically the downloads folder).
DO NOT place it in the MSFS folder structure, including the Community folder (The OC2 will properly extract it there and update the Layout.json file automatically)

3.       Press the Windows key on your keyboard

4.       Type PMDG

5.       Select the PMDG Operations Center and open as an Administrator

6.       Follow these steps when Ops Center is open.

         1.       Click the Aircraft and Liveries menu
                     Choose Livery Utilities

           2.       Select the Simulator,Select the Product,Select the Variant

           3.       Click Install from PTP file


7.       After the Open window opens, navigate to the folder you saved/extracted the PTP file to

8.       Click Open.

9.       Done

If you have any issues with the installation of the livery through the OC2, please contact PMDG Support at

You an also go to their forums as many members can help with issues and the support team monitors there as well.

A special thanks goes to PMDG and the beta test crew I had the privilege to work with during the development of this fantastic plane.

Credits: All base textures included in my paints are included by permission from PMDG, as with any livery created by 3rd party painters.  I would especially thank the PMDG Paint crew for the fantastic textures they gave us to work with, you guys are awesome!

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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